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At Make My Ideas we use Google SketchUp to do the majority of our 3d design work as it is cheap quick and easy but it has its limits and that is why we are slowly moving over to more powerful applications such as Solidworks, but this is a learning curve for me. I am also a fully qualified AutoCAD Designer and have been using this for many years but due to its cost have gone to a free version LibreCAD a very powerful 2D CAD option. Make my ideas can design anything you like.


Everything that Make My Ideas designs to sell is prototyped to discover any issues within the design and also to see if the product can be modified further.

How we prototype, we prototype most of our designs via our 3d Printer. This is a heavily modified CTC Dual 3D Printer

The 3D Printer


Make most of the making for our products are either done in-house on our 3D printers or outsourced to a large printing company in our case we use Shapeways all prints are made exact to design and all are checked before being sent out to customers. Shapeways Shop


Drones are a particular favorite of mine and i can see a future that invovles these a lot more, not only for hobby use these have started making their way in to business and sports events and public displays. but drone technology is for ever evolving and not only do they fly they are under water running machines via their automation programs,


Make my ideas is constantly designing products to sell on our website as services or as products on our shapeways shop. Shapeways Shop

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We are a newly established company offering a great service at low cost.

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SolidWorks 90%
Google Sketchup 90%
3D Printing 95%
Making 90%
Drone Flying 70%