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At Make My Ideas we use Solidworks to do the majority of our 3d design, this is a high end design package with many add in to use to develop you're 3d designs further, this is a learning curve for most and I will be creating tutorials from beginner to advance level users. I'm a fully qualified AutoCAD Designer and have been using this for many years this can be seen as a outdated software now being superseeded by other softwares but still plays a big part in many companies. Make my ideas can design anything you like. Please contact for details


Everything that Make My Ideas designs to sell, is tested within software if avalible we have solidwork fully equiped with simulation, and we are able to preform many test before even send it to the 3d printers or to manufacture.

How we prototype, we prototype most of our designs via our 3d Printer. This is a heavily modified CTC Dual Bizer 3D Printer

The 3D Printer


Make, most of the making for our products are either done in-house on our 3D printers or outsourced to a large printing company in our case we use Shapeway all prints are made exact to design and all are checked before being sent out to customers. Shapeways Shop


Original Make My Ideas, delt solely on drones, but no we are expanding in to robotic and automation processes. We are currently working on a fully automated Hexapod robot along with educational robots to get the next generation interested in the world of robotics.


Make my ideas is constantly designing products to sell on our website as services or as products on our shapeways shop. Shapeways Shop

Top Features

We use all the latest softwares and techniques to develop all our products, we aim to be a green company and all carbon admissions are offset by planting green. Robotics and automation play a key role at Make My Ideas, by utilising these key factors we run a very lean manufacturing process reducing all our waste to a bare minium.

Why Choose Make My Ideas

We are a newly established company offering a great service at low cost. We cover many aspects of design and forever developing our skills in the area of engineering.

Our Skills

SolidWorks 95%
Creative Thinking 90%
3D Printing 95%
Prototyping 90%
Robotics Engineering 85%