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About Make My Ideas.

About me and Make My Ideas, Make My Ideas is a leading designer of Robots and robotic parts. The company also shares useful and informative knowledge of engineering disciplines.

This is where Make My Ideas started, we have now developed into the design and manufacture of robotics and coding, these are useful skills in the modern world.

There is no doubt about it:

Robotics are here to stay and will continue to make an increasingly larger impact on our society in the coming years. this is why at Make My Ideas, we use Solidworks to design and prototype, with are 3D printers we can develop designs to the best possible level, once they are ready to be manufacture after going through the design cycle, complete products go on Make My Ideas site for sale as products or downloadable files, or they go on the products page at Shapeways these can be print in 3D format, I ensure that my designed parts offer you only the very highest level of tolerance, performance, and quality available.

Because the Robotics industry is an incredibly fast-moving and developing one, my main focus here at Make My Ideas is on innovation and, as robotics technology advances and improves, so too do my skills. I am also pleased to be able to share my knowledge with my customers and website visitors here on this central online platform.

About myself.

about make my ideas, about me, me, make my ideas, ricky burton,

A little about me: I am a highly passionate, heavily tattooed designer, I have had previously worked as a CNC programmer and setter, designer and manufactured components consisting of bomb enhanced facades found in London and the UK, I have also work in aviation and mechanical engineering facilities.

My hobbies include drone design, Robotics, making design prototypes, working in Solidworks and computing.

My Skills.

  • Solidworks
  • Drone Design
  • Drone Accessories Designer
  • 3D Printing
  • Computing
  • Raspberry PI Knowledge
  • Hacks and Modding
  • Robotics
  • Coding

Skills developing.

  • Python Scripting
  • SEO
  • Matlab
  • Business and Development

Future of make my ideas.

Make My Ideas believes that Robotics, Computing, 3d Printing along with coding holds a lot of ground for future development in many aspects of people’s daily life’s, Make My Ideas will be a leading developer in the field.

If you are interested in one of our design or products or interested in developing personal skill please contact us.