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The #1 CNC router wisdom and resourcefulness.

This website will guide and aid you, in your purchase or build. and will teach you the bigger picture of this truly amazing machine.

CNC machines have grown in popularity massively over the last few years making them a highly sort after machine.

Are you thinking of buying a CNC?


Have you decided to buy and not to build a CNC But not to sure on what you are looking at and need a guiding hand. Is it for business use or is it for personal these are some important decisions to make when purchasing a CNC machine.

Other things to consider when purchasing is:
“What is the required size of my CNC machine”
“What features does my CNC machine require”
“How much is all this going to cost me”

With CNC machines there are hundreds of different models to choose from and many more features to add on, all for different applications.CNC

Now you are probably thinking where the hell should I start? There is more to this than what I initially thought about.

So I have put together a buyers guide for anyone wishing to by one of these great machines but don’t just jump into the buyer’s guide take a look around at our builder’s guide you might decide to build on instead.

Features of the buyers guide consist of finding the correct router to cover your needs, and choosing the right options to add on.

If buying a CNC is not for you, construct your own?


CNCSo your thinking of building your own CNC machine Maybe you have been surfing the web and find small amounts of info, here you will find a comprehensive guide from start to the end of your build.
Following these articles could save you wasting money on your design and build, design and build a machine that will fully fit your needs.
Building your own is extremely rewarding and you will learn a lot more on the way and also have a better insight in your machine breaks down on you.

At this moment in time you could have thought of a great design but not sure on how to fabricate it, or is it you still have no clue what you want as an end product this is fine as you are in the best place to gain the knowledge needed to successfully build your CNC.

Whatever stage you are in right now these pages will enable you to better or even save you a minor mistake in your build.

In our build guide you will find topics covered like.
Frame Creation and Materials for assembly.
Tips on how to save money on your build.
How to design your CNC.

We will cover every possible aspect of the great machines right down to how to wire them up no aspect will be not be covered.
And outline the “do’s and dont’s” commonly associated with the build and design process that goes into these machines.

Need More General knowledge.


So maybe buying or build a CNC machine is not for you, Maybe you are just looking for general information on a part used within a CNC. Maybe you have another project in mind that utilises similar components to a CNC and would like move information on it.
We have broken down all the individual components and with describing them in full on their own individual page crammed with all the information needed to answer your question or issues.CNC

We have details on software “pros and cons” of all to consider.
Details on OS Linux or Windows.

CNC machines are truly cutting edge technology that is paving the future of production.

If you cannot find what you are searching for please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to answer any questions you ask as quickly as possible.


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