CNC drive components, Step 6

What is CNC drive components?

CNCThe Components that make up the CNC’s drive are the ball screws, lead screws or rack and pinion, they are mechanical components that drive the axis back and forth on its linear rails, they achieve this by converting the rotating motion of the stepper or servo motor into a linear motion.

The idea of the drive components are really simple and when diy'er are choosing the drive system you really can't go wrong, but there are certain things to consider as all the different types have their pros and cons.

The drive system has a heavy impact on the CNC machines performance and capabilities, once you understand the CNC drive systems, you will have a better understanding on how your machine will perform and what its capabilities will be.

Just by changing a few components on your CNC will majorly impact the CNC machines precision and accuracy, the force that can be applied to the cutter and cutting speed of your machine.

If you are considering buying a CNC machine it would be a good idea to find out what drive system is installed on that machine, this will give you a good understanding of the capabilities and lifespan of the machine. This can be especially true when it comes to buying a second-hand machine.

Look into what components have installed the condition they are and if possible are replacements available if needed.

In this guide, you will find.

ACME Lead Screws



Ball Screw

Rack an Pinion

Pulleys and Timing Belts

DIY Drive System