CNC Motor Selection, Step 7.

CNCCNC motors are literally the heart of the CNC machine without them we would not be able to drive the axis back and forth and your spindle motor would just sit in one position.

The type and size will define the machines accuracy precision and speed.

There are two main types of CNC motors these are servo and stepper motors, and within these two motor types, there are 7 good options for a CNC build.

Both stepper and servo motors have advantages and disadvantages and selecting the right one to make your machine perform well and efficiently, picking the right one will be covered in the articles below.

In the following articles we will be covering aspects of all types of CNC motors, selecting the motors goes hand in hand with selecting the right CNC controller and selecting the right drive components that we covered in the last section.

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CNCStepper Motors Vs Servo Motors

stepperStepper Motors

servoServo Motor