CNC Router Table, Step 8

CNCSo after picking all the moving parts designing your axis and making a very sturdy machine you need to compliment it with a very sturdy and well thought out cutting bed.

Get it right and it will make your CNC’ing experience enjoyable.

Most people that by second-hand machines overlook the cutting bed and always an underestimated part of the machine, when designing your machine it is important to understand what you will be using your machine for as there will be a bed style that fits your machine best.

For example, if you are making a bar length machine you will be better using a fixed clamping setup.

Or if you are building a machine for prototyping you will probably be working with materials of all shape and size, this would probably be best suited to a T-slot style bed, which offers many different clamping solutions, then again you may be making the same product over and over in that case you would get away with a flatbed with preconfigured holes for clamps, so their variety of different pieces or same product repeated.

On modern tables, you may find they have a combination of cutting beds while this is good its also a lot of work to get right and consumes a lot of space.

If you are designing and building your own CNC machine, your options are unlimited the only limit you have is your imagination and budget to contend with.

With that said we have 3 main cutting beds to cover for the DIY builder.

cncT-Slot Table

CNCThe Vacuum Table

CNCThe "Disposable" Table Top