Ball Screw Design



Ball screw Design


Why use ball screws, ball screws have a lot of key features over cheaper lead screws.

      Ball screws need to be replaced less frequently.
      Ball screws have lower friction and run at cooler temperatures.
      Ball screws are more efficient, requiring less torque.

The ball screw is the ideal driving device for rotary motion and linear movement.
Its structure is characterised by a screw groove with a screw nut with a ball (as
intermediate transmission element), to reduce friction.

I designed these ball screws in Solidworks 2016 they are the RM1605 C7, I did the full 16mm range that is available at CNC4YOU.
They are a relatively easy piece to design but can save time on your future design concept.
All threads are exactly as they are on the purchased item so no editing needed.

Very smooth action and accuracy.
500mm Screw length total length is 562mm.



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