Receiver Holder V8FR-II for TBS Discovery


Receiver Holder V8FR-II for TBS Discovery

One of the problems I had with my TBS Discovery was mounting my receiver, mine was the FrSky V8FR-II an easily found and cheap receiver.

So I design this adapter that spans over two fixing points that already exist in the TBS Discovery so no drilling and weakening your chassis.

Not only do you save on your chassis strength vital if you ever crash your drone, but also having a layer of protection added to your Frsky receiver.

This item is available at the link below and is priced reasonably well much less than a TBS Discovery chassis or new FrSky receiver.

Available in many colors to bling up your TBS Discovery.

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I choose to design the receiver hold in Google Sketchup as i like the program and find it powerful and not to over complicated to use.

Made Images

These images are taken of my TBS Discovery with the holder that was printed on my CTC 3D Printer.

How To Print

This is a easy item to print as it is flat and square. No raft is need and No supports either.

Infill can be very low as strengh is not needed i would advise 10% to 20% with a single outer shell.

Shapeways Online Printing