TBS Vendetta

TBS Vendetta FPV Racer Review

Our top pick when it comes to ready to fly FPV racing drones is the TBS Vendetta. This (nearly) ready to fly racer has an incredible feature list and combines top specification components within a beautifully crafted and truly unique frame. Pop in a receiver, attach the arms and get flying; the manufacturers say from box to air will take you only 5 minutes. Let’s get into our TBS Vendetta review after this short video!

TBS Vendetta

Vendetta Specs:

  • FPV Camera – TBS ZeroZero 650 TVL, 1ms latency
  • Video Transmitter – 40 channel, 25mW – 800mW adjustable
  • HD/Recording Camera – Angled mounts for GoPro and RunCam/Mobius
  • ESC – TBS Powercube – 4x20A
  • Motors – Cobra CM2204/2300kV
  • Flight time (hover) – 6 minutes
  • Flight time (normal use) – expect around 3-4 minutes on a 1300mAh
  • Fully configurable via OSD
  • Weight (without battery) – 410 g

The Good:

  • Strong but lightweight carbon fibre body
  • Modular design
  • Replace crash-damaged parts quickly and without the need to solder
  • Configure settings using the OSD and your radio transmitter, no need for a PC

The Bad:

  • Expensive
  • Not friendly for beginners – you have no assistance in the form of GPS or level hold
  • Installation of receiver required
  • Not as much flexibility as a custom build

If you are considering splashing your cash on the Vendetta, then it is likely you have some FPV racing drone experience already. Experienced pilots may find this drone somewhat restrictive and for the price you could build one hell of a custom racing drone, but we understand that not everyone has the time, experience or inclination to do this. For your money you are getting a very polished product. TBS are known for their high-specification components and they have crammed the best of them into this incredible shell, what you are left with is the envy of all at the airfield who know what’s under the hood.

Cobra motors are some of the best known in the drone world because of their crazy amounts of power, so finding them on a RTF quad is unusual. They will have you screaming through the air and whizzing by trees, but you don’t have to be too concerned about crashes. The arms and shell are extremely tough and we expect they will take one hell of a beating without complaint. In the unlikely event you do manage to break an arm, these are easy to replace because of the MT30 connections, which include power (so no soldering). The arms are effectively hot-swappable and TBS suggest that you could carry around different pairs, to be prepared for any eventuality.

The installation of a receiver may seem like a daunting task for those with no experience, but in practice this is straightforward and just involves plugging the provided cable into your receiver. Make sure you check your receiver size before ordering, as space inside the drone is tight! Compact options like the popular D4R-II and D4R-SB from FrSky will fit, but you may struggle with anything bigger.

TBS Vendetta Review – The Verdict

The TBS Vendetta is a great package for those not wanting to put together a custom racing quad or who want an easy to configure and modify system. The speed and agility of this drone makes it a great racer or acrobat and it is very nice to see a ready to fly racer sporting parts that are normally reserved for high-specification custom builds. It utilises top of the line components whilst maintaining modular, repair friendly features that mean you will never be grounded for long. The price reflects this, so this drone may be out of the price range for anyone not taking the hobby seriously, but that’s only if you are lucky enough to find one in stock. If you do, act fast.