SolidWorks CNC Design

SolidWorks CNC Design

SolidWorks CNC Design

So over the last few weeks, I have decided to design and build a CNC for future projects and this is the design I have come up with.

I have used a design I don’t see too often within the DIY CNC builders and this is where the x-axis is raised to the y reducing the height of the y-axis.

originally was going to do the build out of steel but decided aluminium extrusion would be an easier material to work with.

SolidWorks CNC Design

Overview of DIY CNC Designed in SolidWorks 2016.

SolidWorks CNC Design

Z Axis

This I a view of an unfinished and z-axis.

Design to be Completed in the not too far future.

Future part to Design in SolidWorks.

So what’s left to design on the CNC mainly the z-axis is left to complete that includes the spindle motor too! complete the y-axis this is not far from being complete and the CNC bed again not far from completion.

Downloadable Items available so far.

DM542A Stepper Driver Design

DB-1206 Break Out Board

Ball Screws

SolidWorks YouTube Videos.

SolidWorks Weldments Tutorial

GeForce in SolidWorks Hack

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