U-1 Future Design and Build Model

U-1 Future Design and Build Model

U-1 Future Design and Build Model

U-1 Why Design This Boat

U-1, I mean why would I not have this as a Future Design and Build Model the U-1 is truly a great hydro racer, its slick design and raw power make it an unbelievable performer on the water nobody can fault miss Budweiser on this.

Future Design and Build Model

My plans are to Design this model in SolidWorks and possible aim for a  1/8th scale model this will roughly get a 42 by 21-inch hull with plenty of stability.

Initial I will probably just use an electric motor setup but I have a 2 stroke sitting around that maybe be suitable for the task but we will see as brushless motors have come a long way and with a good lipo battery these things can fly.

I will Probably start designing this model pretty much straight away but the build won’t start until I have my CNC and other little projects complete.


Unlimited Hydroplanes are fast boats capable of more than 320 km/h (200 mph) on the straightaways and running average lap speeds of 209–266 km/h (130–165 mph). They are 8.5–9.1 metres (28–30 ft) in length and weigh a minimum of 3,060 kilogrammes (6,750 lb).

The modern turbine-powered unlimited hydroplane is derived from the 3-point prop-riding hydroplanes of the 1950s. These were the first boats to ride on a cushion of air trapped between “sponsons” mounted on the sides of the front of the boat, and the bottom half of the propeller, which was all that touched the water.

They were called “Unlimited” because they were the only class of boat racing the APBA that had no restrictions on the displacement size of their piston engines. The designation Unlimited has stayed with the class in the turbine era, even though there are restrictions on the turbine engine and its fuel



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