Make My Ideas participates in many engineering projects, it’s main field of expertise is, robotics both design and testing of new robotic systems, coding of robotics using build platforms like arduino and raspberry pi, prototyping we have 3D printers as a resource to develop the product further.

What we offer.

3D printing, we are able to prototype our designs, this enables us to pick up on any issues found withing the design an communicate them back to the designers, enabling faster turnaround in product development.

Coding is a ever developing platform we have decided to narrow are concentration down to two laugages these languages consist of java and c++ with these two powerful languages we feel we have all bases covered for all future developments.

Design, all our design work is completed in solidworks, solidworks is a very powerful program with many great features, this enables us to create outstanding high preforming engineering projects.

Useful links.

See more projects at lynxmotion and RobotShop.